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When it comes to real estate, it presents a very fuzzy picture for most. But real estate dealers are at your service these days if dealing with property is proving to be a major stumbling block for you. One of such really good and credible real estate agency in Delhi and NCR is Renaissance or Ren Realty Inc., as it is known as. Set up in 2007,  Renaissance Realty Inc. has carved a niche for itself in just over eight years in the field of real estate. What makes Renaissance Realty stand apart from other real estate agencies is that the fact that they offer an array of real estate services.

Renaissance Realty Inc., as mentioned dabbles in a number of aspects related to real estate apart from being a mediator between the seller and buyer of a particular property.



For starters, this real estate company does a lot of work, related to investment advisory, wherein it aids people in locating areas of potential investment properties. Tapping the real estate market for its strengths and weaknesses as well the upcoming trends in it for maximizing short and long term financial returns on clients' investments is the core of Renaissance Realty's services.



Apart from investment advisory, Renaissance Realty Inc. as any other real estate agency deals in sale purchase broking. Estate agents from Renaissance Realty work as intermediaries between those who are looking at buying or selling a property or they work as brokers. These agents are well versed with real estate market and have a good knowledge of potential buyers, whether it is a corporate or an individual.



We offer resale services of your existing purchased units and also help you acquire properties which are marked as sold out in the market.  Over the years we have established a very strong network, which we use to your advantage and get you the best possible price and also the desired property which you want.

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